Monday, February 16, 2009

Latest Updates on industries

Latest Updates on major Johor Industries

1. V.S. Industry Berhad – 1st quarter net profit falls almost 60%. 2 of the factories are facing critical downturn.

2. Flextronics – Has shut down 4 weeks (2 consecutive weeks for last Christmas/09 New Year and this CNY) and expected to resume work only next Monday.

3. Venture – Kempas plant is down to 4-day work per week while Tebrau has retrenched major contract workers and FULLY freeze OT. Either Venture or Flextronics is speculated to cease operation soon following a Taiwanese company named Foxcon would most probably take over HP business project from them.

4. Celestica – down to 4-day work per week.

5. Beyonics – down to 4-day work per week.

6. Seagate – 3 US based VP/Directors had been fired. Top management and executive level staff cut pay 10-15%.

7. Qimonda – Germany HQ is reported to apply bankruptcy following Germany government failed to provide financial support. If such happened, means Senai plant will be closed as well. Feb – Apr will be the critical period.

Latest Updates on Melaka

8. Panasonic to close 27 plants world wide and retrench 15,000 employees – Melaka plant to be shut down in March. Click here.

Latest Updates on Penang

9. Spansion - CEO quits, chip maker seeks buyer. Click here.

10. NEC (Prai) – work 4-day week

11. Intel to close 2 plants in Penang Island this year and shift workers to Kulim plant

12. Molex. Click here.

13. Agilent - pay cut 10%

14. Fairchild – work 4-days week

15. Avago – job cut about 100 ppl in December 2008

16. Molex – Chinese New Year shut down for 2 weeks

Latest Updates on World Wide. Click here.

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