Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Akshaya Patra (Free Food) does in Bengaluru

Akshaya Patra (Free Food) does in Bengaluru

The kitchen from the outside - a three-storey building which uses Gravity Flow Mechanism developed in-house by our team. Each kitchen has the capacity to cook between 50 000 to 100 000 mid-day meals per day. Costing approximately 9 crores to set up, they are built with funds from public donations.

The kitchen from the inside, consisting of rice cauldrons each of which
cooks up to 110kg of rice in 20 minutes. Sambar cauldrons cook up to 1200
litres of sambar in two hours

It is washed thoroughly on the 2nd floor

Washed rice is sent down the chute to the 1st floor

Rice pours down into steam heated cauldrons for cooking. The entire cooking process
takes place on the 1st floor

Super heated steam is used to cook food instead of flame.

When cooking is finished, it is loaded into trolleys

Cooked rice is sent down the chute to the ground floor

It flows down the pipe into containers

Piping hot rice on its way to being loaded into food vans. Around
6000 kilosof rice are cooked daily in each kitchen.

Food materials in Kitchen

Stock in the kitchen

Washed dal and vegetables flows down the chute into sambar cauldron on
the 1st floor

Vegetables and dal ready to be cooked

Sambar being cooked on the first floor

Cooked sambar is packed and sent to the food vans to be loaded.

Chapati dough is mixed

Heavy rollers flatten the dough into thin sheets

Dough is cut into the classic round shape

Making chapatti

Collecting all the chapattis

Transporting akshayapatra food through bus

Happy Kids

Students benifited from akshayapatra!!

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As salam

Moga-moga ada rakyat Malaysia yang akan buat investment macam ini.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Lukman,
for your information, it's not the INVESTMENT being made here. It's the outcome of good samaritans' donations to provide basic needs for the needy people. Instead, you should pray to have good people who use the funds and donations wisely for humanity purpose. said...

Hi Anon

Thanks for the info.